Renovo Motors was founded in 2010 with the mission to build the world’s most exciting vehicles. We believe that electric vehicles represent the greatest opportunity and potential for the future, and have worked in secret for over four years to prove that the EV super car is a reality. Our industry is accelerating rapidly, and so are we.

Run by a focused and experienced Silicon Valley team, backed by visionary and successful investors, and advised by veteran automotive industry executives, we are determined to lead through example. We value performance, control, excitement, and personalization. We work tirelessly to maximize these qualities in our vehicles.

Above all, we value the teamwork that makes what we do possible. Our dedication to our mission means we put engineering discipline and passion into every aspect of our products. We are determined to succeed.

We are fortunate to live in the most innovative place on Earth. It is a place where companies born in a garage—like HP, Apple, and Google—can achieve incredible scale and impact in an amazingly short amount of time. There is no better place to build a company—and no better place to work.

By building machines that push the evolution of automotive engineering, we Drive the Revolution. And you can too. We invite you to inspire us, to follow us, to push us. We’ve only just begun this journey.

-The Renovo Motors Team